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So This is New Year by Hokage3 So This is New Year by Hokage3
So this is New Year!

Special Class

Entry no. 2013

January 1

Dear Diary,

I just arrived on my subject planet they call Earth. My race said that once a year, they fire lights that explode on the sky, driving away spy invader aircrafts hovering in their airspace, blocking any attempts for us to make a move. These foolish humans, do they know of our existence, that they use those colorful bombs to stop us? Thus, my mission is to investigate why they do this event.

Humans are barbaric, and they shall remain a threat to the universe, which is why I’m on guard. I set foot in a hill, from there, I can see the explosions in the sky… they are shaped like a living thing they call here as a flower, and I find it, beautiful…… what a view I’m having, I landed in a convenient I must not fall for their dirty tricks, for I will invade them soon. I found myself walking along the streets, when suddenly; explosions from different directions startled me. I run for my life…I was scared, I thought they were attacking me. Those humans light those bombs and throw them in the streets, they are crazy. Someone could get hurt from that you know. I was hiding behind this post, when a hand touched my right shoulder. I was surprised! It’s an ambush, I’m screwed… so I slowly turned my head towards my assailant….and it’s a human male, with a smaller human female..they look quite alike. They were smiling at me….so I just smiled back…it seems they’re defenseless.

The guy asked who I am; he looks confused looking straight at me…with those melting eyes. I can’t reveal who I am…I’m glad they are not suspicious. Then this smaller girl grab onto my tail..and cuddled it…she’s weird… I observe the two of them, they don’t have the same tail and ears like I do….it was a fatal error. The guy asked why I’m wearing weird clothes….My mind was blank back there..I can’t think of an escape..maybe I’ll just zap them with my laser beam….then the small girl said

“She’s cosplaying brother, can’t you see.” Looking at her brother…

“Yeah, you could be right, she’s a bit weird though…can’t recall any characters in that costume.” The guy said with doubt.

Like a miracle, everything’s alright!…then the guy offered me to come with them. In order to keep my cover, I went along. They offered me some food, a variety of them, they were delicious….I can’t believe I munched on human food without second thought. Then there are explosions again, both in the sky, and the ground. I’m tensed, and puzzled, as to why there are doing this….then

“3…2…1…Happy New Year!!!!!” everybody shouted with glee…

The guy and the small girl greeted me Happy New Year with a smile. I asked why they are celebrating, with those lights and noises everywhere.

“Well of course, we survived another year, it’s worth celebrating, and all those lights and explosions are there to drive away evil spirits and bad luck from the past, and for the coming year....have you forgotten?” The guy explained.

I see, so they are doing this to celebrate a milestone. They are not that different from us. And those beautiful lights, like flowers in the sky, now that I look at them from the same ground as this humans stand at, I can appreciate it more, than when I was in my ship, all defensive. Colorful lights..fireworks, they are beautiful…. The little girl sister started blowing a canon-like thing that makes a loud sound. Then the guy gave me a stick, he has one too. Is this stick a weapon? He lighted mine with a blazing device, and the stick breathes fire to my surprise! He lighted his as well, and told me to raise it like what he does, and let its light tell the world that “Hey, my light maybe small, but together with other small lights, we'll create the brightest light that will be enough to fill the world with brilliance that will expel sadness, at least for one day…”

Such a weird…yet unique celebration, our race never had. As a visitor in this planet, I decided to stay here for a while, and learn more about their culture. I believe that I’m going to have so much fun here!!!

End of entry

Oh yeah, the scrapbook materials and embellishments in this artwork came from Shabby here's the link: [link]. It's a wonderful site for those who like scrapbooking...
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Midnight-Tea Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So cute as always~!
shizuka722 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Student
Happy New Year!! 8D
Moriusii Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, This is really beautiful~~!! :iconsomoeplz: And I love the diary entry too~~ :D Happy New Year, kuya~~ :D
Hokage3 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Umh...yeah...I just wanna wrap up 2012 so that I can finally start anew.....and go back to work...(^_^)...anyways...Happy New Year to everyone...this one's quite late...but heck....I'm still in new year spirit....
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