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Hokage Report,


“Small things can outweigh the waves that can make you snap!”


Hello there guys, it’s been a while…I haven’t been around lately…again, and I’m sadden by the fact that I was absent here at the same day as my birthday, so I completely missed the chance to read all your wonderful greetings, and replying to them as well. Still, I thank everyone who made effort in greeting me on my Birthday. Despite it being over for days already, the feeling of being grateful is not lost in time, and I thank everyone who celebrated my special day with me with their greetings…(^_^), you made that day extra special…


Speaking of birthday, it’s like a very normal day…just with added spaghetti. In fact it was so normal I didn’t felt that I aged hehe. Still it was fun since I hanged out with my friends and family, people who can restore my sanity points as I try to fight my way through this crazy life. We all have that, you know…the object, person or activity that would ease our everyday stress and keep us mentally healthy and positive along the way…It may be small, but it is enough to keep you looking forward for another day with hope and optimism.


So, how does art help in this area?


Art for me is still the best way to combat stress, since I tend to forget my worries when I’m immersed with thinking and realizing concepts. I’ve been doing the same thing over and over, not minding if the result will garner interest or not, as long as I feel happy in the end. I believed that everything outside art is a waste of my time. I’m quite aware that even if I spend so much time with my art, I won’t be that very good, but still it’s not about who’s the best, but who’s the one who enjoyed the most. It is that enjoyment that takes away my stress, and nothing can replace art in my life. But then there are certain things that would change your views 180 degrees.


For a long time now, I’ve been busy doing activities outside my house. I have never been these flippin’ active since I’m used to spend my nights either watching my favorite shows or doing my artworks. My day to day work grinds me to mental exhaustion, it’s actually difficult when you have to come up with new things every day, then, do my artwork at night. Not to mention, my co-workers driving me insane with their annoying behaviors. I’m a person full of frustrations that is why the smallest of things that will make me happy makes a big difference, like art. That was the case, until I meet my current circle of friends, who kinda stole that time for myself, and completely became part of my life, dragging me into this soup of randomness. I once thought that being away from my routine of making artworks won’t make much impact, but I was wrong…I feel very bad when the day ends and I didn’t manage to touch my project just because I’m so tired from all the day’s work. At first it was hard, for I find the moment of creating artworks as the most peaceful, care-free time of the day, when I brush off my stress. As I spend more time outside the house, an act I rarely do, thanks to my friends, I slowly got used to it, taking it as an opportunity to learn new things. I was around the neighborhood for so long, yet there are places that still surprises me, houses I never visited, and old acquaintances I haven’t talked to in years.  Despite the lack of time for my art, I found a new medium to relieve stress, and it is by spending time with people. At the back of my mind though, I’m still an artist, and will spend my weekends for myself to make artworks (^_^)…As I meet new faces, a new door opens for me to explore, new experiences to cherish.


Other people will climb mountains, travel a lot, cook food, eat food, drink, read whatever it is readable, go to social sites, watch TV, listen to music, play with their pets, shop, window shop, jog, ride a bicycle, study, not study, engage in sports, write a journal or even sleep, just to unwind and feel replenished. Each of us has our own preferences, but sometimes, those that we didn’t chose are the ones that would surprise us. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, as long as it would be meaningful to you in the end and that the new experience is worth it.


I don’t have regrets spending most of my time (and youth) making artworks, for I firmly believe that any other options would be very unproductive. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves from experiencing other things that we might find fun and will relieve us of our stress. With so many things happening in our lives that will makes us say “I QUIT!” and lose our sanity points, it never a harm to find more things to enjoy in life. Art is our world as an artist, but as a fellow human being, we are a part of a whole, and that whole need us in a different way than what we are giving it…our company and time.


So, whenever you feel tired of painting, drawing, writing or just about anything artistic, don’t forget to grab a popcorn and watch a movie or two…it’s not as unproductive as you might think…not that I’m stating the obvious (^_^)



Next time, I’ll be talking about a list of 50 random stuffs again. Until then this is Hokage.



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Oh wow I love your artwork and your words are very inspiring! They have motivated me to draw again and to be not so bent on trying to be the best but to just enjoy it. ^-^
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Ho boy! Happy Birthday! :D Fun cake cake happy DA B-day :3 OMG CAKE 
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!!! May your wish will becoming true! \(^O^)/
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Happy Birthday!!!  I hope you had a great day today!! :D
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Happy Birthday! :D
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Oh my gosh, happy birthday!! Sorry I couldn't draw you something again this year ;; I hope you had fun today! ^ o ^!!!
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Happy birhtday!! have a great day!! ^^ 
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