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Your actions today makes a difference tomorrow...
"Nobody asks you to make our world a better place. instead, you are given a chance to do so..."
"Nobody asks you to make our world a better place. instead, you are given a chance to do so..."
Hokage Report,

"When the world ask too much from an artist"

Hello there guys, it's been a very long time since I last wrote a journal. I sure missed writing for so many reasons. Now, you all know that I am currently unemployed. To be precise, I've been out of work for more than 2 months now. Yeah, I'm useless am I? Though for the past couple of days, I've been very active with some things involving my social life.

It just feels like I am starting to catch up with all those lost time that I haven't spent with another human being. I am enjoying my time with my friends. On the other hand I haven't forgotten my art. Two months is actually a very long time for a person to get rusty. It's a good thing that I am still capable of practicing my designing sense thanks to so many events that requires my service. Most of them though are for free thanks to my principles in art. You see, I have a "noble" view of art (I don't know if others would interpret it as noble the same way). You see for me, an artwork made not to make other people happy and only has a full intent of making money is an artwork with lesser value. I don't feel the same fulfillment when I make artworks for people with money compared to those who really needed my art but doesn't have a dime to spend. I kinda work like a charitable institution which is prone of abuse since many people would love free labor. It didn't take long for a friend of mine to spare me a quote out of concern. "If you are good at something, never do it for free." In true Batman fan fashion, she just quoted a serious way. I don't regret doing things for free since it's out of free will. She is really concerned after I showed her my sample works and portfolio in my website. I said that the flipping website is my additional arsenal in my conquest to find myself a decent job before the month of May ends...or else my father would kill me. And as I continue my job search, I always end up in a dead end. Why? Companies are looking for a god, not a human being. They want a graphic artist who can do everything..I mean multimedia...someone who can command Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, Premiere, In Design, AfterEffects, Fireworks, AutoCAD, Google Sketch-up, 3DS MAX, Flash and even unknown never-heard-of software...yes, in just one artist. 

Why I feel bad isn't all about my frustrations of not being able to use all those software myself. It's how other companies wanted an all-in-one person to do a job for three. I mean imagine if ever you were hired and can do all those end up doing it ALL! will keep piling up till your brain hurts. You may say "Yeah, that's what you're being paid for right? Stop sulking if you can't handle the pressure of working big time!" Let me tell you this, as an advertising practitioner..."IT'S NOT EASY AS YOU THINK!" A normal brain can only give and take so much. Imagine making webpage design, calendars, leaflets, posters, product packaging, billboards, streamers, signage, mascots, typography, photo manipulation and retouching, freehand illustrations, newspaper ads, magazine ads, Van and Bus ads, catalogs and logos day in and day out. All of it took me 3 long years to get inside my head using only 3 software. I may either be a slow learner or that it really takes time to master a given software. But it is not enough, other companies want more. They wanted you to be able of making 3d models, functioning websites, animations, cover layouts and video presentations. I may be wrong to complain since I didn't study all other software earlier in my life. I didn't have the vision to learn as much as I can in order to meet the future demands. But like I said in my previous posts...It is all forced. Medical Practitioners have veterinarians, cardiologists, ophthalmologist, dentists and many haven't heard of a cardiologist operating on a person's kidney right? What I'm pointing out is "Specialty", a field of specification.

An artist may focus on mastering a certain type of art style where he can be very very good at...But in this ever fast paced world of ours, it is never an excuse when you know too little. Blame your education for not teaching you the things you need to learn the most. But then you are faced with the fact that the real world is a different playing field altogether. It's just that others misunderstood artists as Swiss-army knives. A person who, just because he can draw a cat, means that he can make props for stage plays, model a clay and make a dinosaur or combine all this recyclable trash and make a robot. You see, artists adapt to the demands of others and pushes his creativity to explore his full potential. All the time he test the water first and take a leap of faith where he can prove to himself if he can be good at it or not. People expect creativity to be applicable to everything. if you are good at making a poster, surely you can make a video presentation right? Artists are capable of doing so because he manages to adjust and learn through trial and error, like everyone else. It's not an innate knowledge within every artists to be capable of making both a poster and video presentation. It takes leaving your "specialization" for a while and learning new fields where his creativity can be applied. On the same note, the mind can only jump from one knowledge to another with a given's not that we are all geniuses.

Now back to my main topic. I'm ranting about companies treating artists as if we are obliged to be the all-around artist they are looking for just so we can have a job. We are forced to perform beyond our real interests, what makes us happy and feeling fulfilled in exchange to just satisfying clients. Some people do what they love, and there are people who just do what they have to do in order to survive...and it is quite sad. I ask you, what is your specialization? If you are a traditional or digital artist and you are happy with it then it is imagine making a packaging for a toothpaste brand or a video about the history of a'd feel like a culture shock right? A ninja must be capable of multi-tasking, leaping form rooftop to rooftop while making tempura and writing a Haiku. It's just how graphic artists are expected to do this either take it with a smile, a kind of challenge that will push you to your creative boundaries or take it like an immature person, incapable of taking additional responsibilities just because he feel he can't meet expectations and would rather stay in his comfort zone.

"You have to learn beyond what you like to do in order to get a job, and that is the reality. Being flexible gives you the edge."

Despite all my complaints, I am currently on my way to learning Adobe Premiere, InDesign, AfterEffects and Flash...because I HAVE TO!!! The value of an artist depends on what he can contribute to the society, not how happy he is with what he is yeah...pride sure taste bitter....

Sorry again for my very long angst post...I just missed writing hehe...Next time, it'd be a happier, shorter post. Until then, this is Hokage...

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Artists have within them the power to create, and the responsibility to do so, in order to make this world a more wonderful place to live in. Despite many challenges and sacrifices, an artists must continue to walk this path as his/her contribution to the world. That is what being an artist is all about.

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