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Hokage Report,

Oh wow, Deviantart is now 14 years old...14 years of awesomeness, bringing artists from different parts of the globe in one place, where they can share their works with pride, a community that welcomes creativity in many shapes, sizes and form...a place many can consider a home, a place to be of one's self...for 14 years.

So, here we are celebrating...and I'm here so as to not be left out of the party. Artists are encouraged to share their deviantart story...and I hope mine is worth let's start...(^_^)

I'm originally an amateur manga artist. Yes, I make home-made comics complete with my own story and illustrations. I've been doing that since High School 'till College. I've spent my days drawing, until my collection grew in number. Back then (and until now), my belief in art is that an artwork is "alive" when it has an audience to either appreciate or criticize it. I share my comics with my classmates and to my surprise, they actually liked it. One of my classmates told me about was around 2008. Back then, I really have no idea that dA exist...until :iconasiankick: helped me. It is an account composed of four girls. They offered that they can post my works to their gallery. I agreed, and until now, my earliest early works are posted there. here are some samples:
art 8 by Hokage3 by asiankickArt 7 by Hokage3 by asiankickArt 5 by Hokage3 by asiankick

To my surprise, I was actually one of their group..looking at their page's featured art....yes, I'm the guy at the background....(^_^)I was convinced by :iconjumpfuds: to join dA...and without second thought, I joined....July 16, 2008. I was many many amazing artworks...I felt like the world is just too big...beyond the horizon are more artists like me. I believe it was :iconpcmaniac88: whom was the firsts artist I found here, and is the one who inspired me to be better with my artworks...especially after seeing her Anime-ish hehe....

Touhou by pcmaniac88My soul Your beats by pcmaniac88

Guns X Girls by pcmaniac88

Despite seeing artworks far better than mine, I was even more motivated to become better...and thus, I ventured in the world of digital arts. At first, my artworks were all traditionally made...since we don't have a computer to use for digital artworks. Still, I enjoyed making my artworks...I mean, it's not a contest of who's the greatest...year 2009 when we had our first computer unit...for a cheap price. I installed Adobe Photoshop on it, and with a help of  

Color Manag the Ozine Way

I managed to color digitally in the most basic of first colored artwork was 

Kitsune Girl Colored by Hokage3

It was on 2011 when I had my first Tablet (which is still in service)'s a genius tablet. From then on, I strive to improve and hone my art. The piece below is my first work using a graphic tablet.
My Secret by Hokage3

Then I decided what kind of artists I wanna be. I wanted to be both original yet not the trying hard type. I wanted to inspire people using my artworks. I wanted to touch other people's lives with my pieces, the way an artwork from my childhood changed my life forever. I believe that there's always an artwork that has the potential to turn sadness into happiness, misery into hope, hate into love, chaos into order or emptiness into something so colorful , Thus I created artwork with "Themes". Also, I included those pesky long and winding descriptions you'll find in almost all my works. Many tells a story, while some describes the feeling of the piece. Many appreciates those little write-ups interesting and unique, and I thanks them for thinking that way. It's not a fancy gimmick though. I believe that every picture is worth a thousand words, an so are artworks. Some artworks are open for interpretation, and doesn't need explanation...but for me, telling the story behind my works is a way of making the artwork more as a  "piece" of expression and not just a colorful picture. It's like not just giving it a form and a name, but a life to share too. Then, I started to give my gallery some variations, experimenting on my art styles, trying one after another....well to the point that my gallery is a mesh of many art styles...from anime to cartoons, drawn to painted...

I kept making artworks, until I had my first Daily Deviation...which is also not the last..thanks to other artists who believes in me. I gained friends here, and they are all wonderful people...I met more inspiring artists, whom I respect truly.

Visiting Red Hood by Hokage3Separated by Difference by Hokage3

2014, it's been 6 years since I first joined, but I have no plans on quitting. Everyday, I am reminded by other artists that there are still so much to learn, and so many artworks to share. I have a lot of story to tell, friends to greet, dreams to realize and time to spend as an artist who wants to make a little difference.

Sorry if this post became a bit of a history lesson, I was planning to keep this post short actually. I hope you guys learned something about me through this journal. My journey of art has just begun, and I have a long road ahead...but for sure it'll be a fun experience...for now, this is my Deviantart story...a story of a Ninja having an adventure in the wonderful world of art...(^_^)
Thank You by Hokage3

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Artists have within them the power to create, and the responsibility to do so, in order to make this world a more wonderful place to live in. Despite many challenges and sacrifices, an artists must continue to walk this path as his/her contribution to the world. That is what being an artist is all about.

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IclaimThisname Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow I love your artwork and your words are very inspiring! They have motivated me to draw again and to be not so bent on trying to be the best but to just enjoy it. ^-^
Hokage3 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm very sorry for my late reply....I hope it's
not too late to say thank you for this wonderful
comment...You see, it is heart-warming when
I hear other artists saying that I've become
an inspiration to them, and that my works
motivated them to do greater things...I'm
very humbled...

I never saw myself as a person who can change
another, but thanks to this messages that it
reminds me that it's always worth it to just make
artworks, for someone might be touched by it someday.

Thanks again for your message, it inspired me back as
well...let's keep up the good work ok...don't aim for
popularity or fame, just be yourself and your art will
attract audiences who'll acknowledge you truly... (^_^)
98sparkz Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ho boy! Happy Birthday! :D Fun cake cake happy DA B-day :3 OMG CAKE 
spiralmaestro Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!!! May your wish will becoming true! \(^O^)/
TsubakiExplosion Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!!!  I hope you had a great day today!! :D
Helen-Neleh Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Happy Birthday! :D
Nikiptc18 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh, happy birthday!! Sorry I couldn't draw you something again this year ;; I hope you had fun today! ^ o ^!!!
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Happy birhtday!! have a great day!! ^^ 
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