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“When life is filled with things running around in many directions, know which one to chase first.”

Hokage report,


Hello hello hello! I’m back, for a while though. I hope some of you missed me for even a little. So, yes, I missed my birthday here…yikes, so it’s been really that long?! I’d like to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday…I know it’s flippin’ too late, but you know that I love you all and I’d do my best to reciprocate (^_^)


Why the long absence you asked? Well nothing much happened really. I just started my quest to becoming a better multimedia artist, studying ADOBE After Effects with the use of video tutorials. I could say that I have better a grasp of that suite. One funny story is that I’ve been a rude guy to this close female friend of mine after leaving her alone to walk to her house. I was guilty and asked for her forgiveness, but girls are difficult (err, I think?). I texted her many times yet it’s been a week and she’s still ignoring me. The best thing that I’ve thought is to compose a sorry poem for her and made an animation video out of it, complete with music using After Effects. It’s just a Romeo and Juliet like set up where I’m the Bard guy reciting the poem to the princess in the balcony which is supposed to be her. I posted it on Facebook and asked her to watch it. It actually did the trick and she forgave me. I swore to never try and walk her home ever again…I mean to never leave her alone when she needs me. Thanks After effects for saving me.


My AutoCAD class just started, and guess who’s absent in day one? Argh, don’t blame me! I have no regrets. Between going to class and being with my friends…heck bros first. But I swear to behave and get my butt to work when I’m back…with lots of explaining. I met a new female friend who knows ADOBE Premiere and in Design…so I’ll be begging her to accept me as her apprentice and ask her to teach me her mastery on those software. She wants to learn how to bake cookies in return though…unfortunately; I’ve burned almost every food I’ve tried to cook.


I’m also busy with my social life. I sometimes look back at the time when my life was still peaceful, free from people calling and texting me and longing for my company. I really wanted to stay at home and make artworks at the comfort of my room, only to be crushed by friends barging inside the house and dragging me to watch movies and sing at Karaoke. Still, I appreciate my rather chaotic life. I think it’s something I’ve longed for a long time, yet I denied it and kept my options solely in art. I love art; I’d pick art first any day. But as my big world get even bigger; it’s hard to keep an active tunnel vision.


Oh, if you guys are asking if I’m already employed, then that’d be a big NO! I’ve mastered being a NEET for the past 5 months. I'm not a total bum the whole time though, since I’ve been really active…too active that I can’t gain weight. Yep, if there’s one thing I’m more concerned about than a job, then that’d be my body. I’m one of those who can eat an impossibly big meal and never get fat. I bet girls would like that body, but I wanna gain weight a bit. So far my lifestyle and habits are to blame. Constant lack of sleep and rest, eating less veggies and milk, 0% exercise…stress from friends, yeah you name it. Still, I’m doing my best to maintain my weight. One day I could sport a muscle and be able to protect people who are precious to me hehe…As for work, I have a list of things I really wanna buy and it’s enough to motivate me to kick my pace a bit faster. I have goals too you know, like being one of the best artist in the world.


Ok, so there’s a lot of stuff happening around me, and most of the time my priorities shift from one to another. When faced with a multitude of events and activities, your self-discipline must take over. Keep in mind cause and effect; learn which one will lead you to a much more favorable stand in the future.  Draw the line and don’t chase aimlessly. Pick just one to pursue and focus on it. At every given moment when life gives you choices, know when to yield. Give priority to those that’ll provide more success and fulfillment in your life. In my case, despite my love for my hobby art, I’ve painfully set it aside to learn new software which in the end will give me a better chance at work. The moment I land a job, I know that I won’t regret choosing the path of studying…on that moment, I can confidently go back to my hobby art in ease, because I won’t be bothered by insecurities and fear of my future anymore.


Ninjas are not allowed to get fat, or else he’ll lose his speed and will fail once the chase begins. Yet a fat ninja isn’t half bad, he could just throw shurikens instead anyway. Every role we play has it's advantage and disadvantages. Whether you are a friend, an apprentice, a unemployed person or an artist, knowing which tasks to focus on will move you forward and reach whatever it is your are chasing, one goal at a time. Well, that’s all the time I have. Those are my latest updates so far. Sorry for the wait, but I’ll be gone for the next few weeks again, so my apologies in advance. I missed DA and everyone here. Until then, this is Hokage.



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Hello again. Just wanted to tell you that I still really like your art, and I eagerly await your return.
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I hear you buddy hehe...thanks for waiting
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