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Hokage Report,

   Hello guys, how's life treating you? On my end, well, it won't be long until I get myself out of my current job. In a country where the unemployment rate is high, and that there are so many competition, with bias to accepting good-looking young applicants, it's quite a crazy decision to even consider resigning, but not for me. No, it's never about the money. Losing a job in exchange for my everyday happiness is a fair and obvious choice...It's just me realizing that complaining without action will get you nowhere. Yes, most will argue that money is relevant to staying alive, but it's not suppose to be the center in which life should revolve to...isn't it There are many factors in having a healthy fun life, and it involves being around people who will truly appreciate you, not those who will test your sanity, every flipping day. There was this tip I've read somewhere, definitely from the internets. It's a simple question you should ask yourself early in the morning when you just woke up; "Is what I'm going to do next worth keeping as a part in my life?"-If your answer is a resounding "NO!"...then it's time to take proper steps to get that unnecessary element out of your system, be it work. Sure, it's risky, and some may say that I'm just being too emotional, and that things can get better if I weight the pros and cons. Well, we all have those moments when we have to choose between two evils and live with it's consequences. It's not that it's the end of the world when you are unemployed...just be positive, and confident with your skills. Meanwhile, I've been gathering up my courage to pass my freshly made resignation letter to my rather clueless boss...and man I wanna see the expression on her face when she's about to lose her trusted packaging designer. But on the other hand, I wanted her to find someone better than me, since I don't have any issues with her...just with my office mates. So, while the impending climax of my rather long overstaying here at my current job goes ever closer...let me share to you guys yet another installment of my somewhat continuing series of 50 random thoughts I've collected as I live my everyday life...I thank my handy-dandy notebook for always being there when that spark of utter fun enters my already unorganized mind. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Your Username has an interesting history.

2. You'll hide the site you are browsing from other people.

3. They will do to you what you don't do to them.

4. You are a different person when you're with them.

5. The louder you get, the lesser are the thoughts given to each sound you make.

6. The first site they go to is Facebook...and you don't.

7. You get temporarily inspired by quotes from great people.

8. It's easier to criticize others than to prove that you are right.

9. When you're going to buy something for yourself, they'll ask you to buy theirs too.

10. They'll call the Twin-tails hair style as "Chun-Li"....

11. Peep on folders saved in the USB you just borrowed.

12. Telephone almost always ring while you are relaxing.

13. You've waited for so long, and it got delayed.

14. Chess is fun until you lose your Queen.

15. The reason they stay up so late at night is non-sense for you.

16. You mean other people have so many money to go to concerts?

17. Got reunited with friends after many years, they said you haven't changed.

18. There are times when you are genuinely happy for other people.

19. Real friends will ask "been a while, how are you?", not so real friends will say "Hey, did you know, I'm sucessful".

20. When you go to weddings, you'll be asked when will you be married at least once.

21. Some pictures are really really worth capturing, some are just self glorification.

22. You'll forcefully think of a random topic just to break the awkward silence.

23. Smiling actually requires practice.

24. They will give you the hard-part of the job.

25. When you are quietly looking for a gift then suddenly 3 sales clerks are on your way.

26. You'll accidentally find something to treasure.

27. When you go to great lengths for that person, just to see her happy.

28. You wonder why people open-up their problems to you.

29. A day is actually very very long, when you are absent from work/school.

30. You'll still do it despite the pain it will bring in the future.

31. You may talk to strangers when you are an adult...Some of them are actually inspiring.

32. There are a lot of people you won't actually miss.

33. If it's them, it's OK, if it's you, it's not.

34. I'm not grumpy, I just don't like you...very much.

35. There are sudden events that will make you miss your favorite show.

36. You'll feel sorry for the insects too.

37. They'll brag about their current "lovey-dovey" relationship.

38. The truth is...there is no age limit for fun...

39. Do not underestimate the impact of spoilers to other people.

40. You can't simply sing-along with J-pop or K-pop....

41. "Having a social life isn't about partying or going places, it's as simple as interacting with real people."

42. This conversation is so stupid, I don't even know how to reply...

43. A person show's his real character while he is "Waiting".

44. You answered as if you understand what you just heard...

45. You feel bad seeing young kids with Tablets or Smartphones...

46. Honest with what you think, but not with what you feel.

47. They'll think that what you're doing is easy.

48. Your appearance filters real people worth keeping from the shallow ones.

49. "Compare" sounds like "Despair" are unique, so do something only you can do.

50. You don't have to tolerate and endure misery if you have a choice to get it out of your life.

There you go, a little update with what's up and latest in my boring life. I've been currently working on some artworks, and even if it gets delayed, it will surely be finished eventually. That's it for now...hopefully next time I logged-in, my employment worries will change from how to resign to how to get a new job....(^_^)

Until then, this is Hokage...

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IclaimThisname Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow I love your artwork and your words are very inspiring! They have motivated me to draw again and to be not so bent on trying to be the best but to just enjoy it. ^-^
Hokage3 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm very sorry for my late reply....I hope it's
not too late to say thank you for this wonderful
comment...You see, it is heart-warming when
I hear other artists saying that I've become
an inspiration to them, and that my works
motivated them to do greater things...I'm
very humbled...

I never saw myself as a person who can change
another, but thanks to this messages that it
reminds me that it's always worth it to just make
artworks, for someone might be touched by it someday.

Thanks again for your message, it inspired me back as
well...let's keep up the good work ok...don't aim for
popularity or fame, just be yourself and your art will
attract audiences who'll acknowledge you truly... (^_^)
98sparkz Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ho boy! Happy Birthday! :D Fun cake cake happy DA B-day :3 OMG CAKE 
spiralmaestro Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Happy Birthday!
SzDream Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Happy Birthday!!! May your wish will becoming true! \(^O^)/
TsubakiExplosion Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!!!  I hope you had a great day today!! :D
Helen-Neleh Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Happy Birthday! :D
Nikiptc18 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh, happy birthday!! Sorry I couldn't draw you something again this year ;; I hope you had fun today! ^ o ^!!!
JHMirda Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
honuch Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Happy birhtday!! have a great day!! ^^ 
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